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IT23 Resumen 2023



LONGi leads the solar PV industry through product innovation and optimised LCOE with cutting-edge monocrystalline technologies. LONGi is recognised as the world’s leading solar technology company with the highest market value. Innovation and sustainable development are two of LONGi’s core values.


country PARTNER


country PARTNER

We are a Swiss-based investment company focused on renewable energy. We identify, develop and deliver green energy assets. We are a driving force in the industry’s ongoing transition to green energy focusing on the deployment of green hydrogen, solar and wind projects. We are committed to harnessing the potential of hydrogen and related technology as an ideal complement to utilising and storing renewable energy.

Smartenergy, founded in 2011, is headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland. Beyond our team in Wollerau, we have our own local subsidiaries in Europe’s major markets. Local knowledge and proximity to industry stakeholders allow us to identify and secure opportunities at an early stage while creating synergies across the value chain.

jinko solar

diamond PARTNER

JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) is one of the world’s largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers. JinkoSolar distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base in China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Greece and other countries and regions. JinkoSolar has built a vertically integrated solar product value chain, with an integrated annual capacity of 40.0 GW for mono wafers, 40.0 GW for solar cells and 50.0 GW for solar modules, as of 31 March 2022.



Power Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar inverters for large-scale photovoltaic and storage plants, with 2,500 employees, a presence in strategic sectors in more than 50 countries, and an annual production capacity of 20GW. It is currently driving the development of electric mobility, manufacturing products for charging infrastructures for all types of electric vehicles.

Its Power on Support philosophy and its commitment to innovation, responsible progress and sustainability guide the development and growth of one of the most promising companies in the sector in Spain.

vector renewables


vector renewables


Vector Renewables is a multidisciplinary professional services firm operating in the renewable energy sector. Its competitive advantage lies in being the only company in the sector that covers the entire life cycle of a project through its three main service lines: transaction services, asset management (management and administration) and engineering.


diamond PARTNER

PV Hardware (PVH) manufactures and supplies solar tracking and advanced control solutions for large solar plants worldwide. Since its founding in 2011 within the Gransolar group, PVH has become the world’s third largest supplier of solar trackers with a global market share of close to 10% and with more than 20GW supplied in almost 300 installations worldwide.

Versatile products adapted to the needs of the field
Over the last decade PVH has mounted its structures and trackers on all types of terrain worldwide. All products manufactured by PVH ensure the optimisation of the energy production of the photovoltaic modules, depending on the characteristics of the installation. The fixed structures offer maximum guarantees at a very competitive cost, while the tracking systems make the most of sunlight by tilting the modules with a programmed movement according to the movement of the sun. For their part, the computerised monitoring systems (SCADA) allow the user to control the performance of the plant from any device in real time and detect any failure or drop in production.

In-house manufacturing and installation with quality control over the final product
One of the greatest advantages that PVH offers its customers is the security in the supply and delivery of materials for all its projects. The company already has two of its own manufacturing centres, in Valencia and Saudi Arabia, and a stock of 80,000 tonnes of material, which gives it a minimum response time in the event of unforeseen events. With these conditions, they are able to adapt products and orders quickly, as well as guaranteeing maximum quality control.



Soltec is the leading manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers. It has a track record of more than 12.8 GW and a team of more than 750 employees worldwide. Soltec manufactures in Argentina, Brazil, China and Spain; and has offices in Australia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, USA, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico and Peru.



Axial Structural is a company specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of fixed structural systems and solar trackers for large photovoltaic plants. Since its inception, Axial has been focused on competitiveness, providing solutions that add value to the project and increase plant generation. As expert manufacturers of photovoltaic structures, Axial is a partner with experience, international presence, innovative attitude and a large accumulated know-how.

The company’s innovative character has led it to be a pioneer in areas such as high slope structures, bifacial structures and tracker safety systems. In recent years, Axial has experienced a consolidated growth that has led it to become a benchmark company in the photovoltaic sector, with 270 projects executed in more than 26 countries, with a long history of designing and manufacturing customised solutions for each project.



Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd (Sungrow » «) is the world’s most profitable inverter brand with more than 100 GW installed worldwide as of December 2019.

Founded in 1997 by university professor Cao Renxian, Sungrow is a leader in solar inverter research and development, with the largest R&D team in the industry and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility, commercial and utility-scale, industrial and residential applications, as well as internationally recognised floating PV plant solutions.

With a strong 23-year track record in the PV space, Sungrow products power installations in more than 60 countries, maintaining a global market share of more than 15%.

wkn energy


WKN is a regional enterprise operating at the international level and has been one of the leading project developers in Germany, Europe and South Africa for over 30 years. The service spectrum ranges from site development to planning and financing as well as construction and operation to technical and commercial management, and thus covers all phases of the project planning and operation of wind farms.

Since July 2018, WKN GmbH has been a 100 percent subsidiary of PNE AG. The PNE Group is a German wind power pioneer operating internationally and is one of the most experienced project developers of onshore and offshore wind farms. The brands PNE and WKN have been united under the umbrella of the PNE Group since 2013 and are have been developed into an Clean Energy Solutions Provider.

INNOVO renewables


Innovo Renewables is an integrated platform dedicated to the production of energy from renewable energy sources. It operates in Europe and the UK with offices in Milan, London, and Madrid.

The Group is actively investing in the development of over 4.5 GWp of renewable energy projects across Europe to create a portfolio of value for investors and utilities. In Italy, it is developing approximately 1,000MWp of PV and agri-PV projects, 750MWp of BESS and 100MWp of wind farms, through iCube Renewables, a 50/50 joint venture between Innovo Renewables and Iberdrola Renovables Italia. In the UK, Innovo operates through IG Renewables UK with a pipeline of photovoltaic projects (approx. 1,000MWp) and storage systems (approx. 1,000MWp)

Strengthened by a team that stands out for its high level of expertise and the ability to form partnerships very quickly, Innovo Renewables is an independent business reality involved in the energy transition towards renewable sources, through the development of innovative projects that contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions while preserving local biodiversity.



Un productor de energía independiente alternativo
Centrada en el desarrollo de proyectos de energía limpia que tengan un impacto social y medioambiental positivo en las comunidades locales en las que operamos y en la sociedad en su conjunto, desde una posición activista de mejora de nuestro mundo.

Diseña, construye y explota proyectos de energías renovables
Incorporando tecnologías de almacenamiento e hibridación en varios mercados de Europa, como Italia, España y Portugal.

Dando prioridad a las comunidades locales en las que operamos, y con las que queremos mostrar nuestra más sincera voluntad de colaboración, escuchando sus necesidades, priorizando a las empresas y trabajadores locales, y desarrollando proyectos sociales y medioambientales que repercutan positivamente en el bienestar de sus habitantes.

No sólo desde una visión corporativa, sino también desde una perspectiva humana
Situando a nuestros vecinos, proveedores y empleados en el centro de todo el proyecto.



Boosting your business growth requires not losing sight of your goals. Using many different tools may have that negative effect on your company and slow down your growth.

With QBI you can manage your business with confidence through one single platform. QBI platform keeps all your departments aligned on the same path to success, adapts to any technology, project or asset lifecycle and provides you with insightful data for optimal business decision taking.

Avoid rework, break all your organizational information silos, and let the data flow reducing time and costs.


innovation PARTNER

We’re a collection of engineers and solar evangelists, curious minds and collaborators, optimists and advocates of sunnier days. In equal measures, we challenge and support each other to design, develop and deliver solutions that have the potential to change the world.

Our patents are much more than intellectual property. They’re a testament to the quality of engineering talent at Shoals and our collective determination to problem solve on our terms.

Our roots lead down the road previously as a Tier 1 automotive manufacturer. Those early days established our reputation for excellence and taught us about rigor, quality, consistency and reliability, among many other things. Those values are put into action every day at Shoals and shared by everyone who works here.

ja soLar


JA SOLAR was founded in 2005 and was listed on the US Nasdaq stock exchange in 2007. Its impressive business line includes self-designed photovoltaic products, manufacturing and sales in more than 100 countries and regions. Products range from silicon wafers, photovoltaic cells and modules to photovoltaic power systems. Thanks to its continuous technological innovations, strong financial systems, global sales networks and customer service, JA SOLAR has received widespread recognition from domestic and international stakeholders as a global manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products.

trina solar


As the world’s leading provider of photovoltaic modules and smart energy solutions, Trina Solar offers photovoltaic products, applications and services to promote global sustainable development. Through constant innovation, we continue to drive the PV industry forward by creating greater PV grid parity and popularising renewable energy.


silver PARTNER

Ingeteam, is a team of more than 4,000 people in 24 countries, with more than 80 years of experience in providing creative solutions to specific problems to electrify society in an innovative and sustainable way through cutting-edge technology specialised in the conversion of electrical energy.

We want to consolidate our position as leaders in renewable generation (wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric), storage, in the intelligent transport network and in the efficient and clean consumption of electrical energy through our electric vehicle chargers, converters, generators and motors for traction, marine, iron and steel industry , mining, for the production of green hydrogen and submersible motors and pumps for water.


silver PARTNER


silver PARTNER

Meteocontrol is a world leader in the development and supply of flexible stand-alone monitoring and control systems for PV plants and portfolios. We offer the planning and commissioning of customised monitoring solutions for photovoltaic projects worldwide. Our 40 years of experience in the solar industry, our professional in-house development activities and our focus on the future of renewable energies are the basis for our innovative in-house product development.

Our high-precision blue’LogⓇ X-Series data logger records all relevant system data, offers a wide range of interfaces and functionalities for the modular and scalable control of tailor-made PV power plants and thus enables the grid-compliant feed-in of your PV systems. Our open software platform VCOM Cloud for EPCs, investors, installers and PV system operators combines professional monitoring, digitised service management and reliable hosting of all your data so that you can work efficiently and cost-effectively.

As a pioneer in solar grid forecasting and feed-in extrapolation, we have been calculating reliable solar power forecasts for Europe’s largest grid operators for the last decade. Metering data, satellite imagery and weather forecasts flow into our daily forecasts, which are further optimised by our own machine learning models. This highly accurate data enables us to determine the long-term energy yield of your PV system. Our independent performance reports and technical consulting services ensure the long-term protection of your investment.

With its headquarters in Augsburg, Germany and other locations worldwide, meteocontrol is actively involved in numerous photovoltaic projects worldwide. Our solutions for the precise and professional monitoring of photovoltaic systems, reliable grid integration and intelligent feed-in management ensure the smooth operation of the plant and protect its performance.



Founded in 2000, TBEA Sunoasis Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading providers of green and smart energy services with commercial coverage in over 20 countries. Under the mission of «Green Energy for a Better Life,» the company is dedicated to driving sustainable development in society through intelligent and efficient energy.

Focused on the segments of photovoltaic energy, wind energy, and power quality through power electronics, the company offers global solutions to its customers for the development of clean energy projects. This includes investment/financing, design, engineering, intelligent O&M of equipment, and supply of solutions, holding a globally significant position in the segments of photovoltaic energy, wind energy, power quality, and EPC.

Present in Latin America with legal entities and offices in Brazil and Chile, and backed by high-efficiency products supported by an extremely robust after-sales strategy, TBEA signed over 1.6 GWac in contracts for the supply of photovoltaic inverters and skids in 2023, both in centralized and distributed generation projects, establishing a strong foothold in the local market.



Anhui Huasun Energy Co., Ltd. (Huasun) is a technological innovation enterprise specialized in the R&D and large-scale manufacturing of ultra-high efficiency n-type silicon heterojunction (HJT) solar wafers, cells and modules.

With 4GW delivered to 40+ countries and a 20GW capacity, Huasun leads as the largest HJT manufacturer.

Huasun is the first company to simultaneously integrate R&D and industrialization of HJT manufacturing chain. Relying on strong R&D capability and long-term planning, the company has taken the lead in applying microcrystalline silicon technology and silver-coated copper paste in manufacturing, and laid out HJT-Back Contact, copper electroplating and HJT-perovskite tandem cells synchronously.

tw solar


TW (Tongwei) Solar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tongwei Co., Ltd., ranked 494 on the Forbes 2000 Global Companies 2023 list. It is a high-tech enterprise deeply engaged in research and development, intelligent manufacturing and application promotion of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules. On the basis of TW (Tongwei) Solar’s vertically integrated industrial planning, the company has established a technology research and development system with fully independent intellectual property rights, a production and manufacturing system that leads the industry in terms of intelligence and digitalisation, a global marketing and business service system, and four major production bases in Hefei.  Jintang, Yancheng and Nantong. The company has more than 11,000 employees and a planned production capacity of 63 GW.



Powin is a global leader in the design and manufacture of safe and scalable energy storage solutions. Our innovative and cost-effective hardware and software are revolutionizing the way energy is generated, transmitted, and distributed, helping the world achieve decarbonization objectives. Powin has over 6,000 MWh of energy storage systems that have been deployed or are under construction, with an additional 11,000 MWh in contracting worldwide. 


silver PARTNER

Founded in 2016 by Will Hitchcock, we have worked on over 2,500 active solar plants and now support customers on six continents. We work with many of the world’s leading solar companies to deliver solar plant data and analytics through our interactive SolarGain platform.

Above’s vision is zero carbon energy for all. Our mission is to accelerate the renewable energy transition through innovation. We are at the heart of the transformation of digitalisation within the solar industry, fundamental to ensure its rapid and sustainable deployment.


silver PARTNER

DAB Centro Operativo is the leading company in monitoring and technological surveillance services and in the supervision of integrated security systems.

DAB Centro Operativo’ s business venture began in the early 1990s, initially as a traditional surveillance institution that worked with private individuals, companies, banks and securities transport.

In 2005 he joined the DAB group of companies, where he strengthened his business related to security and surveillance.

From the beginning of 2000, DAB Centro Operativo built on its technological skills, becoming one of the reference points in the sector for remote surveillance and remote control, gradually moving away from the classic surveillance institutes.

Over the last fifteen years, DAB Centro Operativo’ s has been focusing on innovation and technology development. From the prevalent use of communication systems based on radio links, it has moved to high-performance connectivity systems and latest generation infrastructures.

The migration from analogue systems to an ultra-connected digital system allows DAB Centro Operativo to carry out surveillance activities quickly and effectively.

ln particular, since 2010 DAB Centro Operativo has managed systems connected via satellite, a solution that offers low costs for the end customer.

DAB Centro Operativo has become a real technological operational centre.


silver PARTNER

Focusing on photovoltaic cells and modules, Astronergy is an independent smart manufacturing company of CHINT Group, whose photovoltaic business started in 2006. Astronergy is engaged in R&D, production and sales of solar cells and modules and has pioneered the mass production of TOPCon n-type modules.

By 2025, ASTRONERGY will achieve a PV cell layout of 78GW and a comprehensive high-efficiency module production capacity layout of 90GW.


silver PARTNER

SOLARIG was established in 2005 by a group of 65 entrepreneurs as an investment vehicle in photovoltaic assets in Spain and Italy.
In a short period of time, the company evolved and became a benchmark in Development, EPC and O&M services with an international Presence, being today the third largest O&M contractor in the world with an operating portfolio of +9 GW and executed EPC works of over 1GW. SOLARIG is currently present in more than 12 countries and 4 continents



Our vision is to accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

Renewables are set to overtake coal and gas by the end of 2024, with solar power the key driver of this transition. While evolving faster than wind and hydropower due to falling development costs, further technological innovation in solar PV is needed along the entire value chain to meet growing demand.

Despite the considerable resources already invested in the solar market, the solar engineering industry has struggled to keep pace and lacks significant digitalisation. PVcase is determined to play a vital role in this transformation.

By connecting the entire solar planning workflow, our solutions enable companies to make data-driven decisions with confidence when optimising designs and assessing the viability of commercial and utility-scale power plants.

recurrent energy


Recurrent Energy is one of the world’s largest and most geographically diversified utility-scale solar and energy storage project development, ownership and operations platforms. With an industry-leading team of in-house energy experts, we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc. and function as Canadian Solar’s global development and power services business.

Our mission is to deliver clean, reliable and affordable power to the world, today and tomorrow.

To date, we have completed the development of 9 GWp of solar and 3 GWh of battery storage projects across six continents. Recurrent Energy’s power services business manages more than 3.7 GW of operational projects under long-term operations and maintenance (O&M) agreements, and an additional 2.3 GW of contracted projects that will be operated and maintained by Recurrent Energy once they are placed in operation.


silver partner

Business Intelligence for renewable energy management.

We automate the integration, processing and cleaning of data, providing the best Business Intelligence tools to help you achieve your goals.



At Herbert Smith Freehills, we believe that helping your business get results starts with understanding your perspective, whatever your sector and wherever you operate.

As one of the world’s leading international law firms, we engage with the most important challenges and opportunities facing our clients. We also know that the wealth of perspectives we bring to your business only count when applied in a truly commercial context.

Whether drawing on decades of sector focus, tapping into our 24-office global network or deploying world-renowned corporate and litigation teams, we engage with your business in depth, from New York to Sydney.

With a heritage stretching back more than 100 years as leading company advisers in two G20 nations, and a pioneering record of deploying best-in-class tech and innovative legal operations, you will be as confident turning to us for no-fuss daily results as high-stakes boardroom matters.

As a 2,600-lawyer firm boasting deep resource in the Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions, as well as a fast-growing US practice, we recognise the power of diverse thinking in delivering results, both inside our firm and within the communities in which we work.

Ultimately, our insights and our people define us.

Read more about our vision, our determination to drive diversity, inclusion and responsible business, and our ambition to redefine legal services for the digital-first age.

NUVEEN infrastructure

investment PARTNER

Investing to make an enduring impact on our world.

Nuveen has supported the financial futures of millions of investors for over 120 years. Under the leadership of TIAA, we invest in the growth of businesses, real estate, infrastructure, farmland and forests while building long-term relationships with clients from all over the globe. With expertise across income and alternatives, and as one of the first in the industry to practise responsible investing, we continue to expand our capabilities while maintaining our legacy as a leading investment manager.

enertis applus +

bronze PARTNER

Enertis Applus+ has a track record of more than 15 years in the renewable energy and storage sector and an accumulated experience of more than 200 GW and 10GWh worldwide. 

Our mission is to ensure maximum profitability for our clients and proper risk management of their projects by providing innovative services with high added value. 

Since 2021, we are part of Applus+, one of the world’s leading inspection, testing and certification companies with more than 20 years of experience in the renewables sector, and we aim to strengthen the Applus+ Group’s activity in the solar and energy storage sectors in the global market.


bronze PARTNER

Ata Renewables is an independent renewable energy group with over 71GW of project experience worldwide.

We offer consultancy, engineering, certification and marketing intelligence services for renewable energy, especially solar and wind. We operate internationally from offices in Spain, Mexico, Chile and South Africa.



Founded in 2008, Neoen is one of the world’s leading independent producers of exclusively renewable energy. With its proven expertise in solar power, wind power and storage, the company plays an active role in the energy transition by producing green, competitive and local energy. Our total capacity in operation or under construction is currently 8 GW, and we are targeting more than 10 GW in the course of 2025.


bronze PARTNER

JLL’s Energy & Infrastructure Advisory team is a corporate finance boutique specialized in renewable energy assets. With some 30 members in 6 offices across Europe, we help our clients to sell, buy and finance renewable assets as well as providing strategic advice and valuations.

JLL (NYSE: JLL) is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. JLL is a Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of $19.4 billion, operations in over 80 countries and a global workforce of more than 102,000.

european energy

bronze PARTNER

European Energy constructs wind and solar farms as well as large scale green energy storage. We are building solutions to climate change.

Wind and solar power are already fully price competitive compared to coal, oil and gas. We are working hard to make newly installed wind and solar farms price competitive with existing coal and gas generators, as we believe that it is the market, not the taxpayers, who holds the solution to climate change.

European Energy is reaching the goals together with our customers, large corporations sourcing renewable energy and utilities looking to provide consumers with green power or district heating. We construct the parks in close cooperation with visionary institutional investors, for instance pension funds, who are looking for low risk, long term investments contributing to a better future.

We are currently developing and constructing parks in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Brazil and in Mexico. 


bronze PARTNER

SÓLIDA is an independent company, founded in 2007, providing high value-added engineering and consultancy services in the renewable energy sector.



BNZ is an independent power producer (IPP) that develops, builds, and operates solar photovoltaic projects in Southern Europe, particularly in Portugal, Italy, and Spain.

A portfolio company of Glennmont Partners from Nuveen

ID Energy


ID Energy Group is the most committed partner specialised in solar photovoltaic energy on the market. Our high specialised, multidisciplinary teams support our clients on their path to energy transition in a decisive, flexible and approachable manner. Our more than 13 years of experience specialising in solar photovoltaic energy have given us the ability to visualise possibilities and solve any challenges that come up along the way.


bronze PARTNER

3E is a leading technology and SaaS company providing digital solutions and expert services that maximise the performance of renewable energy assets. As a trusted data services partner, we offer future-proof, easy-to-implement solutions throughout the life of a project, supporting developers, asset managers, operators, investors, EPC contractors and IPPs.  

3E’s end-to-end digital platform, SynaptiQ, offers a full range of leading SaaS solutions for development, operational asset management and analytics. In addition, 3E provides various expert services for engineering, technical and strategic decision support.



GreenPowerMonitor your trusted partner: Your data is always secure and your plants monitored. We provide you with all the tools for optimizing the performance of your solar power plant. We are committed to our highly qualified team of professionals whom we entrust to keep our products up to date with the latest advances in the industry. Our record speaks for itself. While we specialize in monitoring photovoltaic solar power plants, our software can be adapted to other energy sources.

In addition to our successful polysilicon production, we engage in solar wafer sales to some of the industry’s leading solar companies. At present, our wafers are produced through tolling arrangements with third-party manufacturers who create high-quality wafers using our polysilicon.

Our culture of execution stems from a management team with proven project execution capabilities in polysilicon production build-out. In fact, within 15 months of breaking ground, we completed construction of our Xuzhou Phase I production facilities in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province and shipped our first batch of polysilicon. Upon completion of our planned expansion to 21,000 MT of annual polysilicon production capacity by the end of 2010, we believe we will be one of the largest polysilicon and wafer producers in the world in terms of production capacity.



We are a highly specialized engineering and consulting company, offering high-value comprehensive services in energy and water projects. We constantly work to provide the best solutions, efficiently and effectively. Our methodology together with talent and the most advanced computer tools allow us to offer our services with a contribution of high added value, offering the best solutions in terms of opportunity and cost.



Chemik Group, a company with more than 20 years of history, is present in projects in the 5 continents with 4 different business lines such as Chemik Machinery, Chemik Automation, Chemik Solar and Chemik Industrial. Collaborating partners of the Aragon Chamber of Commerce and the Aragon Energy Cluster.

lightsource bp

bronze PARTNER

Lightsource bp is a global leader in the development and management of solar energy projects. Based in Madrid, we are working with developers, local communities, businesses and landowners to develop projects that generate reliable energy at competitive prices for businesses and communities throughout Spain.



About Nextracker

Nextracker is the leading provider of intelligent, integrated solar tracker and software solutions used in utility-scale and ground-mounted distributed generation solar projects around the world. Our products enable solar panels in utility-scale power plants to follow the sun’s movement across the sky and optimize plant performance. With over 70 gigawatts shipped worldwide, Nextracker leads the solar industry with solar tracker technologies that optimize and increase energy production while reducing costs for significant plant ROI. For more information, please visit Nextracker. Stay in touch with us: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.


branding PARTNER

Experience, reliability, innovation: growing steadily since 1974, we at ESPE are specialists in the construction of industrial electrical systems with a high degree of efficiency and innovation, as well as positioning ourselves among the top Energy System Integrators nationwide.
Industrial electrical infrastructures, photovoltaic solutions for companies and households, hydroelectric power plants, mini wind and biomass systems: wherever energy is needed, we are able to produce it and manage it with the system tailored to every need.
We control the entire production chain and can realise energy infrastructures globally. Designing, building, operating and monitoring innovative, safe and reliable installations over time: we use the latest technology to serve private individuals, investors, public companies and companies of all scopes and sizes.
Founded as installers of industrial electrical systems, over the years we have accumulated a wealth of experience, expanding our activities into the installation of photovoltaic systems and the direct production of innovative technologies in the mini-wind, hydroelectric and biomass sectors.



Green Horse Advisory, an acronym for GREEN HORizon for a Sustainable Economy, is a boutique advisory firm dedicated exclusively to the energy transition, green economy and sustainability sectors, with a focus on renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

Green Horse Advisory is the first strategic advisory firm in Italy with a multidisciplinary approach and exclusive focus on energy transition with professionals with consolidated experience in legal, financial and engineering consulting.

Green Horse Advisory is a project strongly desired by a group of passionate professionals committed to making an important contribution to the energy transition process.



INFOENERGÉTICA is the first and only Digital Multiplatform for information in the sector in Latin America and Spain.

In our communication campaigns we integrate all our digital media to effectively and directly reach the target audience of our Corporate Partners, ensuring their commercial success, strengthening their brand in the market and helping them to differentiate themselves.

review energy


Review Energy is much more than a news portal, it is the direct access to the most relevant information in the world of renewable energy from experts in the field.

We work to provide the most significant data on energy efficiency and electric mobility in Latin America, to keep our readers abreast of the development of new energy models based on cleaner and more sustainable technologies.