MTX Solar


MTX Solar is the spontaneous combination of experienced solar professionals with the purpose of bringing positive disruption to make the world greener in a consistent and sustainable way.

We come together to dedicate our energy, knowledge and strong values to serve and cooperate with those who contribute to the improvement of solar energy, from investors to asset managers, EPC contractors to operators, developers to consultants and from manufacturers to lenders. Our commitment is to pursue «green» results with an innovative, adaptable and forward-looking attitude bringing our experience of having seen and done solar all over the world, walked among the best, worked for and with the biggest, on simple and complex projects. Having felt the taste of success and the pressure of unexpected challenges.

In total, our member experienced more than 700 MW of solar projects in more than 20 countries on four continents (Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, Africa) across its entire value chain, performing Project Development, Engineering and Owner’s Guidance, EPC Turnkey. Asset Management and Operation & Maintenance.

In total, we have seen and done solar energy all over the world performing «hands-on» value creation activities.

With the intention to be global, MTX Solar has its office in Portugal.

At MTX Solar, we «put ourselves in your shoes» and «practice what we preach».