Diverxia Infrastructure is a global company focused on the development and execution of large infrastructure projects, mainly renewable electricity generation plants. Belonging to a powerful industrial holding and more than 12 years of experience in the sector, gives it a solvency and versatility that make Diverxia a guaranteed ally for the execution of renewable infrastructures anywhere in the world.

Global solutions for Photovoltaic Projects

Specialised in the promotion of large photovoltaic plants, Diverxia offers a wide range of services for the comprehensive management of generation plants. They participate in the entire project development process, providing support and offering highly flexible financial solutions that allow their clients to optimally plan the economic structuring of the project.

With headquarters in Spain and subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Mexico and Colombia, Diverxia combines experience, commitment and medium to long-term growth, generating great added value to the projects in which they take part.