Miguel Lotero

Gobierno de Colombia

Viceministro de Energía

Lawyer expert in the design and formulation of public policies for the mining-energy sector. He has more than 10 years of experience in leadership roles participating in all sectors of public utilities, practicing law as an advisor, consultant and project structurer, as well as holding management and leadership positions, particularly in the electricity sector. As Advisor to the Vice Minister of Energy of Colombia since 2018, he has participated as one of the leaders in the implementation of public policies and regulation for the energy transformation of the country, including the design and execution of the first auction of non-conventional renewable energies, which will allow the increase of the participation of these sources in the electricity generation matrix from less than 1% in 2018 to more than 11% in 2022.

During the emergency declared by the National Government due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he led the team of the Ministry of Mines and Energy in charge of designing regulatory measures that have had the citizen and the sustainability of the provision of public electricity and gas services at their core, guaranteeing that all public policy and regulatory measures have a financing mechanism.

Miguel Lotero Robledo has an undergraduate degree in Law from Universidad EAFIT; a specialisation in Administrative Law and a Master's degree in Public Management, both from Universidad de Los Andes. His professional career has allowed him to develop the ability to understand the important issues of projects involving public and private components, rigorously applying the regulations and without ignoring the agility and focus on results in the decision-making process.