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Power Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar inverters for large-scale photovoltaic and storage plants, with 2,500 employees, a presence in strategic sectors in more than 50 countries, and an annual production capacity of 20GW. It is currently driving the development of electric mobility, manufacturing products for charging infrastructures for all types of electric vehicles.

Its Power on Support philosophy and its commitment to innovation, responsible progress and sustainability guide the development and growth of one of the most promising companies in the sector in Spain.



PV Hardware (PVH) manufactures and supplies solar tracking and advanced control solutions for large solar plants worldwide. Since its founding in 2011 within the Gransolar group, PVH has become the world’s third largest supplier of solar trackers with a global market share of close to 10% and with more than 20GW supplied in almost 300 installations worldwide.

Versatile products adapted to the needs of the field
Over the last decade PVH has mounted its structures and trackers on all types of terrain worldwide. All products manufactured by PVH ensure the optimisation of the energy production of the photovoltaic modules, depending on the characteristics of the installation. The fixed structures offer maximum guarantees at a very competitive cost, while the tracking systems make the most of sunlight by tilting the modules with a programmed movement according to the movement of the sun. For their part, the computerised monitoring systems (SCADA) allow the user to control the performance of the plant from any device in real time and detect any failure or drop in production.

In-house manufacturing and installation with quality control over the final product
One of the greatest advantages that PVH offers its customers is the security in the supply and delivery of materials for all its projects. The company already has two of its own manufacturing centres, in Valencia and Saudi Arabia, and a stock of 80,000 tonnes of material, which gives it a minimum response time in the event of unforeseen events. With these conditions, they are able to adapt products and orders quickly, as well as guaranteeing maximum quality control.

TGS prediktor


Prediktor is a leading provider of asset management and real-time data management solutions for renewable and energy asset owners.

We use our decades of experience with industrial digitisation to enable our clients’ data-driven operations and optimisation of their asset portfolios.

We automate portfolio asset management with our expertise in advanced predictive modelling and deliver future-proof, vendor lock-in-free solutions with our adherence to digital standards.


silver PARTNER

Soltec is the leading manufacturer and supplier of single-axis solar trackers. It has a track record of more than 12.8 GW and a team of more than 750 employees worldwide. Soltec manufactures in Argentina, Brazil, China and Spain; and has offices in Australia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, USA, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico and Peru.


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Founded in 2012, Hoymiles is a global MLPE (Module-Level Power Electronics) solution provider, specializing in module-level microinverters, storage systems and rapid shutdown systems. With a vision of a clean, sustainable future, the company strives to drive innovation in the smart energy industry with its high-performance, accessible products.


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Arctech (SSE-STAR:688408) is the world-leading supplier of intelligent solar trackers, fixed-tilt structures, and BIPV solutions. Empowered by over 300 patents, Arctech products have been applied in the utility-scale and commercial solar PV projects since 2009. It was listed among the top 4 tracker suppliers by IHS Markit and Wood Mackenzie from 2017 to 2020. The company went public on China’s Nasdaq-style STAR market in 2020.

As of the end of 2022, Arctech has supplied over 50 GW of tracking and racking systems to nearly 1,500 PV plants in 40 countries. For more information about Arctech, please visit www.arctechsolar.com.




Ecoppia (TASE: ECPA), is a pioneer and world leader in robotic cleaning solutions for PV modules, keeping them clean, at a year-round peak performance.
With over 3.7GW of deployed projects across 4 continents and more than decade of proven experience, Ecoppia has been one of the vital pillars of the solar revolution.
Ecoppia’s innovative technology and vast experience provides its clients the ability and assurance they need to cope with the mass without compromising on the results.


Ecoppia offers a dedicated solution for fixed tilt installations and for Single Axis Trackers.
Our versatile solutions portfolio offers tailor-made completely autonomous robots.
All solutions are water-free, solar powered and cloud based, removing dust and soiling from solar panels, on a nightly basis, with no human intervention while preserving the Anti Reflective Coating (ARC)

Leading energy companies working with Ecoppia such as Engie, Enel, Total, EDF, Fortum and others, are now able to hold up to their environmental goals and social responsibilities, achieving zero water waste, scalability, and ROI growth.
For over a decade now, Ecoppia’s clients enjoy the benefits of a year-round peak performance while lowering their O&M expenses and overall, their LCOE, mitigating the great risk of water availability, water costs and labor costs over time.


bronze PARTNER

We are convinced an operational, scalable, and secure business management platform will make a difference in the energy transition.

Our team understands the complete business life-cycle and has managed multi-technology portfolios worldwide since 2004, has experience in all the stages of the project; development, construction, asset management, and M&A. Dive in to know more

Tycho solutions

bronze PARTNER

We empower renewable energy companies by providing critical data to invest in new projects.

We use a combination of technologies, satellite images, machine learning and spatial analytics to help renewable energy developers.

We curate and maintain updated data and display it through an intuitive interface.



NHOA Energy is NHOA Group’s business unit dedicated that design and delivers turn-key energy storage systems, transforming solar and wind farms into sustainable energy sources available 24/7.  As a pioneer in microgrids with renewables and green storage systems, NHOA Energy ranks among the top global system integrators with more than 15 years of experience and over 1.4GWh of capacity online and under construction NHOA Energy is recognized for iconic, utility-scale projects across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania, powering over 500,000 people.

ultra low carbon

collaborator PARTNER

The Alliance consists of companies across the solar PV value chain and other stakeholders committed to expanded market awareness and deployment of ultra low-carbon PV to accelerate reductions in solar supply chain GHG emissions.



INFOENERGÉTICA is the first and only Digital Multiplatform for information in the sector in Latin America and Spain.

In our communication campaigns we integrate all our digital media to effectively and directly reach the target audience of our Corporate Partners, ensuring their commercial success, strengthening their brand in the market and helping them to differentiate themselves.

review energy


Review Energy is much more than a news portal, it is the direct access to the most relevant information in the world of renewable energy from experts in the field.

We work to provide the most significant data on energy efficiency and electric mobility in Latin America, to keep our readers abreast of the development of new energy models based on cleaner and more sustainable technologies.



Since its launch in June 2013, FuturENERGY has become a benchmark in the dissemination of Projects, Technologies and News in the Energy Sector, with special emphasis on the Energy Efficiency sector, a segment in which it has already positioned itself as one of the leading publications in the dissemination of projects, products and all the latest news in sectors as diverse as: hotels, hospitals, residential, industry, etc.

Energies Magazine


ENERGIES is a renewable energy business magazine published four times per year. Our engaging content covers the alternative energy industry around the world. Each edition includes feature articles, Q&A interviews, energy scene highlights, emerging technology, and columns from our regular contributors.



EnergyCapitalHTX.com website, your resource for all things Energy Transition in Houston, Texas. Here, you’ll find the latest news and activity spanning the entire energy industry, from the source all the way through recycling and final use. Learn more about how energy touches our everyday life and how we are making progress toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy ecosystem. Find featured content from some of the greatest energy thought leaders from around the world, events to plug into for a deeper understanding of the industry, and stories of the many emerging technologies and innovative solutions that will shape the future of energy.