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DIVERXIA H2 is born with the vocation of leadership in the integral development and implementation of green hydrogen generation projects. DIVERXIA H2 brings together all the experience in the development and execution of renewable energy infrastructures of its parent company Diverxia Infraestructuras, to respond to the need for decarbonisation of our society. Almost 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector and a constant evolution towards technology focused on sustainability make DIVERXIA H2 a strategic player in the green hydrogen generation sector. Likewise, belonging to a business giant dedicated mainly to the logistics sector allows it to focus a large part of its developments on green hydrogen applied to mobility.



At ENGIE, we not only offer the best Natural Gas and Electricity marketing solutions, but we also become a strategic partner for our Customers. Since 1997, ENGIE has accompanied Mexico on its path towards energy transition. Starting its operations in the areas of Natural Gas Distribution and Transportation; in 2000 with the commissioning of 2 Electricity Generation Plants and in 2019 with the entry into operation of 8 100% renewable Energy Plants. With more than 25 years of successful operations in the country and more than 1,200 industrial customers, ENGIE is a leader in the energy transition with a wide range of solutions that adapt to the needs of our customers and are more environmentally friendly.



ACCIONA Energy and Plug Power, a leading provider of turnkey hydrogen solutions for the global green hydrogen economy, today announced the formation of a 50/50 joint venture. The new company, AccionaPlug, is based in Madrid and will develop, operate and maintain green hydrogen projects in Spain and Portugal.

AccionaPlug also plans to provide storage, transportation and distribution services to its customers, initially focusing on the industrial and mobility business segments.

AccionaPlug, which will have both hydrogen production facilities developed directly for its industrial customers and independent production plants for regional distribution, expects its first facilities to be operational in 2023. The company expects to achieve a substantial market share of the green hydrogen business in Spain and Portugal by 2030, with a production of more than 100 tonnes per day.

Alan Ripa, who has 16 years’ experience in executive positions at ACCIONA Energy, and until now Chief Executive Supervisor of ACCIONA Energy International, will become CEO of the new entity.

The joint venture combines Plug Power’s best-in-class electrolyser technology and ACCIONA’s status as the leading distributor of 100% renewable energy in Spain and Portugal.

Plug Power is a leading innovator in the green hydrogen economy, with more than 50,000 fuel cell systems deployed for electric mobility, and the world’s largest purchaser of liquid hydrogen. ACCIONA Energy is the world’s largest 100% renewable energy company with no fossil fuel legacy in the world, with more than 11GW of renewable energy in 16 countries.


silver PARTNER

SOLARIG was established in 2005 by a group of 65 entrepreneurs as an investment vehicle in photovoltaic assets in Spain and Italy.
In a short period of time, the company evolved and became a benchmark in Development, EPC and O&M services with an international Presence, being today the third largest O&M contractor in the world with an operating portfolio of +9 GW and executed EPC works of over 1GW. SOLARIG is currently present in more than 12 countries and 4 continents



ACME Cleantech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., popularly referred to as the ACME Group, is one of the leading global sustainable and renewable energy companies. Founded by Manoj K. Upadhyay in 2003, it is headquartered at Gurugram in the state of Haryana in India.
Mr. Upadhyay is an innovator and entrepreneur who introduces disruptive technology solutions through intensive research and innovative approach. Initially, these solutions were utilized to optimize the energy usage for the telecom industry.

Osborne Clarke


Working with Osborne Clarke you’ll meet:

  • Legal experts
  • Sector insiders, and transformation specialists

Our lawyers connect the dots to give legal advice that is greater than the sum of its parts. We take a three dimensional approach, combining our legal expertise and sector and client understanding with insight into the global issues driving transformation in our clients’ businesses: decarbonisationdigitalisation and urban dynamics.

Our clients benefit from lawyers who live and breathe their sectors and businesses to give advice that is commercially on-point and relevant. Helping you tackle the challenges you’re facing today, and prepare you for the ones that you will face tomorrow.

On top of that we immerse ourselves in the global issues that are transforming the landscape of how we live, work and do business. Focusing on the transformation drivers that will have the biggest impact on our clients, we use our insight to help you thrive, ensure agility and strengthen the resilience of your business.

We are at your side, working closely with you to bring value, share new products and apply digital solutions. Looking around corners to help you solve your legal and business challenges, big and small, and harness the opportunities of change that are transforming your businesses today and tomorrow – together we’ll be ready for what’s next.


bronze PARTNER

DNV has contributed to the successful growth of the global wind power industry for over 30 years, providing a full range of services for project developers, investors / financers, manufacturers and owner / operators throughout the energy value chain.


bronze PARTNER

Ingeteam, is a team of more than 4,000 people in 24 countries, with more than 80 years of experience in providing creative solutions to specific problems to electrify society in an innovative and sustainable way through cutting-edge technology specialised in the conversion of electrical energy.

We want to consolidate our position as leaders in renewable generation (wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric), storage, in the intelligent transport network and in the efficient and clean consumption of electrical energy through our electric vehicle chargers, converters, generators and motors for traction, marine, iron and steel industry , mining, for the production of green hydrogen and submersible motors and pumps for water.


bronze PARTNER

A solid reputation for quality, safety and reliability, unrivalled expertise in high pressure, liquid and gas transfer and pressurisation technology, and a willingness to work closely with our customers, drives us to continually meet complex and critical challenges with innovative solutions.

We manufacture the most reliable and comprehensive range of air or hydraulic driven gas boosters, liquid pumps, air pressure boosters and high pressure valves and system components.

Our products are easy to install and control. Their compact size, minimal weight and ability to operate in any position make them suitable for a wide range of mobile and stationary applications involving the generation, storage and control of high pressure gases and liquids.


bronze PARTNER

At TRESCA Engineering we have been managing the industrial transformation of our clients in more than 30 countries for 20 years.

In a world that is changing faster than ever, we act early to ensure the future, viability and profitability of the industry we serve.

We evaluate and determine the most optimal solution, both technological and temporary, taking into account the plant process, its consumption and investment.

The industrial consulting and engineering services that we provide, backed by our experience, respond to the challenges facing the planet and seek, above all, to build a world that works better.


bronze PARTNER

Alpiq is a company of Swiss origin. In Spain, Alpiq operates its own power generation facilities and offers solutions mainly oriented towards the industrial sector, such as the commercialisation of electricity and gas, as well as Market Access and Risk Management, with a diversified client portfolio in sectors such as forestry and wood, automotive, food, pulp and paper and ceramics.

We offer agile, flexible and competitive solutions for our clients, fulfilling our commitments to them in order to satisfy their needs in the energy field in a comprehensive manner and allow them to focus their efforts on their core business.


bronze PARTNER

Whether it is automotive manufacturing, power generation or water management, virtually none of today’s industrial sectors can do without electronics and electrical connectivity. In an internationalised and technologically dynamic world, the complexity of requirements is rapidly increasing due to the emergence of new markets. New and different challenges have to be met, and solutions will not be found in high-tech products alone. Connectivity is the key, whether it involves power, signals and data, requirements and solutions or theory and practice. Industrial connectivity needs connections. This is precisely what our company stands for.


bronze PARTNER

Hiperbaric is the world’s leading company specialized in industrial equipment for High Pressure Technologies. Since 1999, we have been an international leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of High Pressure Processing (HPP) industrial equipment for food and beverages with industrial machinery installed on five continents. In our desire to conquer new markets, since 2016 we have developed a new line of industrial machinery for Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) used for critical industrial components focused on the aerospace, energy, oil & gas, automotive or medical implant sectors. In 2021 we launched another innovative business line: high pressure hydrogen compression from renewable energies, to participate in the challenge of the decarbonization of the mobility and the economy.

Alejandro Blanco, Commercial Director at Hiperbaric | a.blanco@hiperbaric.com



At KOLYA we are specialists in the development of renewable energy projects around the world.

Our power plants produce clean, renewable and sustainable energy at an economic value.

KOLYA is committed to the compatibility of economic development with social and environmental development. Creating a long-term sustainable economic and social model. KOLYA is actively seeking to increase its project portfolio, supported by «Project Partners». In case you are interested in investing in renewable generation projects, please contact us.



Negratín is an industrial and services group with an international presence. Since its origins in 1998, it has developed a flexible business model that has allowed it to adapt to the needs of the market. It currently operates in the Energy, Industry and Installations sectors and has consolidated 5 lines of business: Assembly, Operation and Maintenance, Turnkey Projects, Integrated Solutions and Project Development.

The main added value we offer is participation in all phases of the project, from development to maintenance and execution, which allows us to guarantee the result.



Qair is an Independent Power Producer (IPP), operating and building 1 GW 860 MW of power generation assets exclusively from renewable sources. The group’s 550 employees are developing a portfolio pipeline of is in the construction and financing phase for 800 MW and is also developing 16 30 GW of assets for future deployment in the heart of the 20 territories in which it operates.

For more than 30 years, the group has focused on a wide range of technologies including onshore as well as offshore wind, utility-scale solar, energy from waste, hydroelectricity, (battery) storage, hydrogen production, as well as tidal energy.

For more than 30 years, the company has relied on the historical know-how of its experts and the vision of its principal shareholder, Jean-Marc Bouchet. This long experience is based on the development and operation of more than 600 MW of renewable capacities in France, representing more than one billion euros of investment.

Thanks to its worldwide network in Africa, South-East Asia, South America, and Europe, Qair continues its global, reasoned, and “multi-local” development. This flexible approach enables it to aim for the commissioning of 3 GW of assets in 2025.



We are a global company specialising in the development of photovoltaic projects, with experience in construction, operation and maintenance and financial structuring. Founded in 2005 in Spain, we were pioneers in the Spanish solar PV market.

Our anticipation in identifying opportunities in new markets, as well as our agility in strategic decision making, has allowed us to participate directly in the development, construction, operation and financing of more than 4,000 MWp of photovoltaic assets in 4 continents. In today’s changing and dynamic environment, we continue to rely on the early identification of business opportunities and agile decision-making as levers for growth.

Our permanent attitude towards detecting and satisfying the needs of our clients is a hallmark of our way of working. We prioritise excellence in the execution of our projects with a focus on continuous improvement, transparency, agility and proximity, and we are proud of our work to the extent that we contribute directly to the sustainability of the planet.


associated PARTNER

We are a leading international engineering group in the renewable energy sector that started our activity in 2009 with the aim of contributing to drawing a renewable energy map in our country and helping our clients and collaborators in their progressive path towards decarbonisation. Our founder’s extensive international experience in the sector of more than 20 years and his firm conviction of the need for a sustainable energy model has guided the company from the very beginning.

Our real strength is our human capital, made up of a multidisciplinary team of more than 60 highly qualified professionals, and one of our main values, our commitment to our clients.

Specialised in:

  • Development
  • Engineering and technical advice
  • Green energy
  • R&D&I
  • Site management
  • Big Data Centre development and engineering
  • Battery storage



DH2 Energy is one of the largest developers of renewable hydrogen plants on the Iberian Peninsula.

The company started in 2018 and has become one of the main players in the renewable hydrogen production sector in the Iberian Peninsula.

We also have a strong presence in Mexico, where we have a local team, and in other markets such as France, Uruguay and Morocco.

Our headquarters are located in Madrid, from where we coordinate a team of more than 40 professionals.

DH2 Energy is one of the promoters of the Hydeal Spain project for the large-scale supply of green hydrogen to large industries in the north of the country, an initiative in which DH2 Energy acts as project developer.

We currently have a portfolio of renewable hydrogen projects of more than 15 GW in different stages of development around the world.


associated PARTNER

We are Cummins. We create the energy solutions people depend on. It’s what we’ve done for more than 100 years. That history makes us proud, but the future pushes us forward.



The Centro Nacional de Experimentación de Tecnologías de Hidrógeno y Pilas de Combustible (CNH2), is a national research centre, aimed at promoting scientific and technological research into hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, at the service of the entire scientific, technological and industrial community.

The CNH2 was created in 2007 as a Public Consortium between the Ministry of Education and Science, currently the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, and the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha, each with a 50% stake, and its headquarters are located in Puertollano (Ciudad Real).



Eurogas is an association of 70 companies and associations. Our members cover gas wholesale and retail gas markets, and the distribution of natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen. We also work with companies active on gases for vehicles, and on value chain methane emissions management.

Eurogas accelerates the transition to carbon neutrality through dialogue and advocacy about optimising the use of gases.



Gasnam-Neutral Transport is the sustainable transport association that integrates the gas and hydrogen value chain to meet the environmental, economic and operational challenges of land, sea and air transport in Spain and Portugal.

We currently have 145 members from multiple sectors: energy, automotive, engineering, freight and passenger transport, ports, shipping companies, shipyards, universities and administrations.



CLUERGAL was created in November 2010 under the initial name of «Galician Cluster Association of industry and support services for the development of renewable energies and energy sustainability».

Initially promoted by companies of components and services linked to the energy sector, Cluergal is an open and multidisciplinary organisation that also includes technologists, promoters, distributors and, in general, entities related to the renewable and conventional energy sector.

The general objective of the Cluster is to promote joint projects among its members, the development of the industry and services of the renewable energy sector, as well as actions aimed at promoting energy sustainability, to achieve a higher level of competitiveness of the entire sector, the general defence of its interests, promoting a socio-economic and regulatory environment suitable for the development of this industry in Galicia, without prejudice to transfer its proposals to the rest of the state and other countries.



We are a private, non-profit research centre, created to promote the use of hydrogen as an energy vector.

The initiative was promoted by the Government of Aragon in 2003 with the support of Aragonese industry and entities from different sectors of activity. Twenty-eight entities, research centres and companies backed this initiative in 2003 and, year after year, new support has been added to them, which today translates into a board of trustees made up of 91 members, the majority of which are private companies, key to the Aragonese economy. With the support of the trustees, we work day by day to develop hydrogen products and services in synergy with renewable energies and to incorporate Aragon into international economic activities related to the use of hydrogen as an energy vector.



The Andalusian Hydrogen Cluster is the first association dedicated to hydrogen-based technology as an energy entity in the region of Andalusia.

We are committed to our planet and the society that inhabits it. That is why we believe in hydrogen as the energy vector of the future.

The main function of the cluster is to provide and contribute knowledge of this technology, its applications and markets, development and research and to help in the implementation of hydrogen technology in Andalusia. A technology that offers clean energy, thus reducing the carbon footprint.

Another fundamental branch is the collection of information, with society as a whole being the focus of study in terms of the social and economic repercussions within our different working and social environments at all scales.

From the cluster we know that this is a reliable bet and investment in time and with highly beneficial consequences for all the factors that are directly and indirectly related.



We are an international logistics operator, European leader in logistics and temperature-controlled goods transport. We connect leading producers with the markets of the European continent, offering high quality logistics solutions, always adapted to the needs of our customers.

Our infrastructure and logistics capacity, with a fleet of 2,700 trucks and a team of highly qualified professionals, provide us with the flexibility and operational capacity necessary to meet the challenges and demands of today’s market.

We specialise in the export and groupage of fruit and vegetable products from the production areas in Spain and Portugal to the main points of influence in Europe. We also offer transport solutions for pharmaceutical products, ADR, and high-value products, such as technological, telecommunications, industrial or cosmetic devices.

Through sustainable and responsible management and with a firm commitment to technology and innovation, our R&D&I, CSR and efficient driving department has designed an ESG strategy that has enabled us to develop actions aimed at reducing our impact on the environment, moving decisively towards decarbonisation, while leading the sector’s transition towards a goal of zero net emissions that we will achieve by 2050.

This commitment also allows us to improve efficiency through initiatives that contribute to promoting the circular economy and fostering a zero waste approach.


collaborator PARTNER

With the need to encourage the use of renewable energies, energy efficiency and the transition to smart energy systems, GreEnergy offers its technical assistance services for the design, implementation and monitoring of initiatives in this regard.


collaborator PARTNER

EUNOIA H2 is a Virtual Platform on Renewable Hydrogen with the aim of facilitating its development and implementation throughout its Value Chain, covering from the different ways of generating the renewable energy needed to produce H2 to its different end uses and consumers. A meeting place for Companies, Professionals, Institutions, Associations, Universities, Technology Centres and Students. All the ENTITIES will be able to enjoy their own personalised space to present the capacities, types of services and projects in which they have participated. In addition, all MEMBERS can contribute with knowledge and experience and in turn can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the other participants, creating a place of reference to establish collaborations, resolve doubts, keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector and expand the Network of Contacts.


collaborator PARTNER

The Spanish Confederation of Service Station Entrepreneurs (CEEES) is a national, non-profit making organisation set up more than forty years ago with the aim of being the meeting point for all Spanish service station entrepreneurs. Since then, it has focused its activity on representing its members before the various national, regional and local institutions and bodies, in defence of their professional activity and common action to obtain moral and material improvements of a general nature for the sector.


collaborator PARTNER

The Galician Hydrogen Association (AGH2) is the entity that brings together companies and organizations in the sector with the aim of developing sustainable technologies that make it possible to achieve energy independence from external sources, reduce CO₂ emissions and decarbonise the industry.

The profile of its partners is very varied, both due to its size and its contribution to the Hydrogen value chain. It has engineering and consulting SMEs and large companies such as Repsol, Navantia or Iberdrola, among others. The ports of A Coruña, Ferrol and Vigo and technological research centers have also joined, providing the necessary knowledge base to promote green hydrogen as an energy vector.



INFOENERGÉTICA is the first and only Digital Multiplatform for information in the sector in Latin America and Spain.

In our communication campaigns we integrate all our digital media to effectively and directly reach the target audience of our Corporate Partners, ensuring their commercial success, strengthening their brand in the market and helping them to differentiate themselves.

review energy


Review Energy is much more than a news portal, it is the direct access to the most relevant information in the world of renewable energy from experts in the field.

We work to provide the most significant data on energy efficiency and electric mobility in Latin America, to keep our readers abreast of the development of new energy models based on cleaner and more sustainable technologies.



Since its launch in June 2013, FuturENERGY has become a benchmark in the dissemination of Projects, Technologies and News in the Energy Sector, with special emphasis on the Energy Efficiency sector, a segment in which it has already positioned itself as one of the leading publications in the dissemination of projects, products and all the latest news in sectors as diverse as: hotels, hospitals, residential, industry, etc.

negocios tv




Live broadcast on Movistar+ channel 140, on negocios.es and the main digital platforms in Spain. 

As a business channel, we want to provide a different, concise and close point of view of the current complex economic system.

Our broadcast coexists with digital channels (YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), which are key to understanding new businesses and, for the first time, bringing economic television to a global audience.



We are an engineering and technical training company, specialising in the development of projects in the areas of power generation, industrial maintenance and renewable energies.

We collaborate with various companies in the training of their staff, and we provide certain highly specialised engineering services: advice on project development, equipment selection, implementation of maintenance plans, technical due diligence for financial institutions, financial models, failure analysis, technical audits…

energética 21


We are a leading technical magazine for professionals in the energy sector in Spain and Latin America. 

We organise technical conferences for professionals on current issues: http://www.energetica21.com/conferencias 

Ten issues/year. Circulation: 10,000 units, 2,000 more in the case of attendance at events related to energy, efficiency and/or the environment.

– Readership: professionals, engineers, technicians, purchasing, maintenance, government technicians, etc.
– Company profile: Manufacturer and/or distributor, engineering, consultancy, installer, developer, R&D, university, etc.
– Distribution: 80% Spain and the remaining 20% Europe and the Americas.
– Free digital versions of paper editions.
– Company guide (paper + on-line), with more than 4,500 entries, present at the most important trade fairs and conferences in the energy sector. 

Weekly e-newsletter A communication tool sent directly to more than 27,000 subscribers 

– Advertiser profile. Any company that wants to publicise or promote its products or services directly in the sector, manufacturers, installers, promoters, etc. 

Present at the most important trade fairs in the energy sector in Spain, Latin America and the rest of Europe.